Welcome to the web site for Dr. Deanne M Roberts MD.

My practice focuses on Nutritional Medicine and Integrative Medicine.

This means I am interested in all things nutrition and food, such as:

  • nutrition and the role of nutrients in health and disease
  • foods and diet, for example food reactions, digestion issues
  • metabolic health, particularly metabolic syndrome and blood sugar control
  • healthy weight management
  • a healthy, enjoyable relationship with food – addressing chaotic and disorganized eating

It also means that I practice from the view-point of Integrative Medicine. This means that I favour a relentlessly individualized approach that emphasizes the integration of a broad spectrum of treatment and prevention options. Diagnosis remains the essential foundation of effective care, so it is vital to resist the impulse to move directly to doing things to feel better and relieve symptoms.

Please have a look around on this website. Over time I will continue to add information about my major areas of interest.

If you are interested in the topic of healthy body weight management, please read the page Your Weight Health Overview.

I do not offer full family practice care.  The people who I see need another doctor to be their “primary care physician”. If you are looking to find a “GP” or family physician, I do not provide that service.

A great deal of what I consider to be vitally important care is considered by the government Medical Services Plan to be preventive care or “lifestyle” matters.  This means that the government often will not pay for the appointments you have with me.  After making this my life’s work and spending tens of thousands of hours over decades studying and practicing this work, you can imagine that I find this frustrating.  However, at this point the government has not shifted its policies.

On occasion, it may turn out that what is done in an appointment does actually count as a service billable to MSP.  If that is the case, then MSP will cover part or all of that visit that day.  You will never be charged for any medical care that the government provides coverage for.  However, that will generally not be the case.

When booking any appointment, you should expect to have to pay the fee for the appointment yourself (unless I have specifically told you otherwise at the previous appointment).

No-Charge Introductory Appointment 

You could choose to book your first appointment as a brief initial introductory appointment, for which there will not be any charge. This way, if you are not sure whether or not MSP would pay for your visits, we can meet to briefly go over your situation and I can answer any questions you have about this. The medical history form is especially important in this situation.

The Medical History Form (oh, no!)

If you are coming to the office as a new patient or I have not seen you within the past 2 years, please print out and make use of this history form. You can bring it in with you when you come. There is no need to send it in advance.

This is offered as a way for you to get much more value out of your first appointments. Yes, it does take time to fill it in and that can be tedious. Realistically, it would take even more time for me to ask you each of the questions, give you time to think through your responses and then record all the answers step by step.  The process of finding out about you and your life is something that I love to do  – it is a very interesting and pleasurable way to spend time together. However, I don’t want to spend our time together with me focusing on taking down notes.  We can still talk further about any of the information. I would like you to receive as much “usefulness” out of each visit as possible, and using a history form is one of the best ways to improve the usefulness of the time we spend together.

So, as boring as it may seem, the purpose of the history form is to save you both time and money. Please be prepared to spend a chunk of time when completing the history form. You will get the most value from it by filling it out at least a day in advance, which will give your mind a chance to reflect on your answers. People often report that in the process they recall things they had forgotten about. You may arrive at new insights or new questions.

Medical History Form PDF

It is best to print the form as 6 single-sided pages, rather than printing it double-sided.

If you would prefer, a Medical History Form can be mailed to you or sent by fax.

Information From Your Medical Records

There may be recent lab test results, medical investigations, reports from consultations with specialists, etc. that would be important to share with me. Please consider bringing copies of these to your appointment.

If you do not have copies of these that you can bring in, you have two options. One choice is that you can request copies of lab test results and other medical reports.  A growing number of people have adopted the practice of doing this routinely. For example, when you go to the medical lab, you can request a copy of the report. For anything that has already been done and is in your chart, you can ask your doctor’s office for copies to keep for your own records. I think it is a very wise practice for people to keep records and notes regarding their health and their medical history.

The other option is that you can ask your doctor’s office to forward copies of your medical documents directly to my office. This would usually be done by fax or by mail. Your doctor’s office will not send your medical information to me without your permission. If you wish, you can print out the page below, which is a Medical Release Form. When you talk to your doctor’s office,  you can take or send this form.

Consent for Release of Medical Records