Welcome to the web site for Dr. Deanne M Roberts MD.

Please have a look around on this website. Over time I will add information about my major areas of interest, which include:

  • nutrition and the role of nutrients in health and disease
  • foods and diet, for example food reactions, digestion issues
  • metabolic health, particularly metabolic syndrome and blood sugar control
  • weight health with food peace – focusing on Individualized Satiety Optimization

If you are interested in the topic of healthy body weight management, please read the page Your Weight Health Overview. Also, please visit my site It’s the Satiety, which focuses on weight wellness.

My office is at:

#275 – 1555 McKenzie Avenue in Victoria BC (near McKenzie and Shelbourne).

The phone number is 250-384-8420.

If you are coming as a new patient or if you have not had an appointment with me in the past 3 years, please print out the Medical History Form below, fill it out (with care and attention) and bring it to the appointment.

If you would prefer, a Medical History Form can be mailed to you or sent by fax.

My practice focuses on nutrition, food, metabolism (e.g. metabolic syndrome, blood sugar control) and healthy weight management.  I also have an interest in stress and the balance of the “autonomic nervous system”  (sympathetic and parasympathetic systems).

I do not offer full family practice care.  The people who I see need another doctor to be their “primary care physician”.  If you are looking to find a “GP” or family doctor, I do not provide that service.

A great deal of what I consider to be vitally important care is considered by the government Medical Services Plan to be preventive care or “lifestyle” matters.  This means that the government often will not pay for the appointments you have with me.  After making this my life’s work and spending tens of thousands of hours over decades studying and practicing this work, you can imagine that I find this frustrating.  However, at this point the government has not shifted its policies.

On occasion, it may turn out that what is done in an appointment does actually count as a service billable to MSP.  If that is the case, then MSP will cover part or all of that visit that day.  You will never be charged for any medical care that the government provides coverage for.  However, that will generally not be the case.

When booking any appointment, you should expect to have to pay the fee for the appointment yourself (unless I have specifically told you otherwise at the previous appointment).

No-Charge Introductory Appointment: You could choose to book your first appointment as a brief initial introductory appointment, for which there will not be any charge. This way, if you are not sure whether or not MSP would pay for your visits, we can meet together to briefly go over your situation and I can answer any questions you have about this. The medical history form is especially important in this situation.

Have you seen me in my office on Pandora Avenue?  If you ever had an appointment with me at my previous office in The Medical Arts Building at the corner of Cook and Pandora, I would like to make it easy for us to catch up – the first two appointments will be without charge anyway.

Medical History Form:  If you are coming to the office as a new patient or I have not seen you within the past 3 years, please print this history form.  The purpose of the history form is to save you both time and money.  The process of asking you many questions, giving you time to think about your response and then carefully writing down your answers is an interesting and pleasant way to spend time together.  However, I would like you to receive as much “usefulness” out of each visit as possible, and using a history form is one of the best ways to improve the usefulness of the time we spend together.

Please be prepared to spend some time when completing the history form.  You will get the most value from it by filling it out at least a day or two in advance, which will give your mind a chance to reflect on your answers and you may arrive at new insights.

Medical History Form PDF

It is best to print the form as 6 single-sided pages, rather than printing it double-sided.

There may be recent investigations, consultation reports, lab test results, etc. that would be important to share with me. Please consider bringing copies of these to your appointment. If you wish, you can print out the page below, which is a Medical Release Form, which you can take or send to your Doctor’s office, if needed.

Consent for Release of Medical Records