Brief Activity Can Help Insulin and Blood Glucose

A study done with kids who were of normal weight found interrupting long periods of sitting with brief moderate-intensity walking periods resulted in improved blood glucose levels. Keep in mind the walking was “moderate-intensity”, not just strolling about or standing up and moving about a bit. “Brief interruption of sedentary behavior improves blood glucose in children”… Read More

Pre-teen and Teen Metabolic Health

We are generally aware and concerned about circadian disruption issues in teens and of insulin resistance in teens. Two studies suggest we may be missing the boat by not including more focus on pre-pubertal children and early-puberty. Related to this is another post about various aspects of melatonin and circadian factors in fertility and gestation.… Read More

Circadian Health and Fertility

Factors Related to Circadian Rhythm, Such as Melatonin, May Play Out in Fertility – and Child Health “Fertility Problems: Why Artificial Light Harms Chance of Pregnancy For Middle-Aged Women” Posted on Medical Daily .com, Aug 25, 2015, By Lizette Borreli  LINK The study was done using mice. The article gives more background and discusses further considerations… Read More