Welcome to the web site for Dr. Deanne M Roberts MD.

My practice focus is Integrative Medicine, with a particular interest in Nutritional Medicine.

I favour a relentlessly individualized approach that emphasizes a wholistic view of the person within their circumstances, and the integration of a broad spectrum of treatment and prevention options.

“Your Blooming Health” refers to:

  • you are the one who plays the central role in your health. There is a British phrase “it’s your bloomin’ ….. ” that is used to emphasize your ownership of the matter at hand.
  • each individual blossom is unique and there are are an endless variety of blossoms
  • each blossom can only come into full optimal form if the plant is (mostly) well
  • nutritional factors are particularly involved in plant health and optimal blossoming
  • growing and coming into bloom is a process that develops over time
  • there is something inspiring and beautiful and wondrous about each unique blossom

“A Curious Way to Thrive” refers to:

  • the days are long gone of finding health by being told what to do. It requires individual exploration. It can take a lot of individual exploration! Having an attitude of curiosity is a core health skill.
  • “a way” refers to the reality that what we will be undertaking is a journey, a process over time.
  • thrive is the goal. Your global state of net wellness and quality of life is what counts, including your expression of your values and choices and meaning in life. This trumps any specific narrow medical goals, and all interventions must intimately be considered with this in mind.


I have been fascinated and inspired by the powerful role of nutrition in health since my first year in University. This enthusiasm led to graduating as head of the class with my degree in Human Nutrition from the University of British Columbia. Next came medical school, also at UBC.

I have been practicing Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Medicine for over 30 years. My first courses in acupuncture, biofeedback and Mind-Body skills were in 1982-83. The core of my practice has always focused primarily on using nutrition and foods as tools to better health.

This includes:

• metabolic health, metabolic syndrome, inflammation

• health-focused weight management,

• digestive issues related to foods,

• food allergies and sensitivities, celiac disease,

• food cravings and dysregulated eating patterns,

• blood sugar stability and regulation, diabetes

• and so on.

Over the years, I have also developed a strong interest in fatigue, brain health, mental health and persistent pain.

Many of the people who come to see me are looking for help with problem-solving some health concern they have not found good options for. Often they are feeling “stuck” or discouraged about their health situation and their options. They wonder if looking at this from the view-point of nutrition and the broader view-point of Integrative Medicine might bring some new insight or new options. Some people are seeking to avoid medications or lessen their need for medications when possible.

My practice is limited to these areas of interest. The people who I see need another doctor to be their “primary care physician”. If you are looking to find a “GP” or family physician, I do not provide that service. I do not offer care for acute illness or injury. My focus is on long-standing health problems.

Appointments and Billing

Are appointments paid for by MSP or will you be billed for the visit?

Sometimes, yes, MSP will pay. Often the visit will not be billable to MSP.

You can book a brief visit to go over this regarding your specific situation. It isn’t your job to try to interpret MSP’s complex rules, so you are very welcome to come in and have your questions about this answered in advance.

  • Any visits that can be billed to MSP will be. You will never be asked to pay for any medical service that is covered by MSP. However, MSP is an insurance plan and like any insurance plan it has a set of rules for what is covered. One of their key rules is that any service that is billed to MSP must be considered “medically necessary” in their opinion.
  • A great deal of what I consider to be vitally important care is viewed by the government Medical Services Plan to be preventive care or “lifestyle” matters.  This means that the government often will not pay for the appointments you have with me. After making this my life’s work and spending tens of thousands of hours over decades studying and practicing this work, you can imagine that I find this frustrating.
  • The over-all approach in all circumstances incorporates a strong component of considering and teaching/coaching regarding lifestyle and prevention. Time may sometimes be spent discussing options that would not be considered the usual treatment interventions, and thus would not be considered “medically necessary”.
  • In terms of weight management care particularly, the Medical Services Plan has (unfortunately) decided to consider non-surgical treatment for weight management to be a lifestyle intervention.
  • Thus, if you are coming for an appointment, there is a likelihood that the appointment will not be covered by (paid for by) MSP.
  • If you are thinking of coming as a new patient and you want to know if the visit(s) would be covered by MSP or not, you can ask to first have a brief “meet and greet” visit. See below.
  • Fees paid do count as a medical expense on your tax return, so you can save your receipts for that.
  • For those who have extended medical benefits – the rules vary widely according to different plans. You would need to check with your plan regarding coverage.

No-Charge “Meet and Greet” Visit

You could choose to book your first appointment as a brief initial introductory visit, for which there will not be any charge. This way, if you are not sure whether or not MSP would pay for your visits, we can meet to briefly go over your situation and I can answer any questions you have about this. The medical history form is especially important in this situation.

Please Note: This form of initial visit would be a “meet and greet”. It would not be a sort-of “mini-consultation” in which I would start an investigation or treatment plan.

Important Information for All New Patients:

The Medical History Form (oh, no!)

If you are coming to the office as a new patient or I have not seen you within the past 2 years, please print out and make use of this history form. You can bring it in with you when you come. There is no need to send it in advance. (Unless you are coming from out of town, in which case please send as much info as possible and then we would have a phone or video chat.)

The history form is offered as a way for you to get much more value out of your first appointments. Yes, it does take time to fill it in and that can be tedious. Realistically, it would take even more time for me to ask you each of the questions, give you time to think through your responses and then record all the answers step by step.

The process of finding out about you and your life is something that I love to do  – it is a very interesting and pleasurable way to spend time together. However, I don’t want to spend our time together with me focusing on recording all the extensive info that is needed. We will still talk extensively about your history and your concerns. It’s just that the process of taking it all down as notes is very time consuming and detracts from the real job at hand.

I would like you to receive as much “usefulness” out of each visit as possible, and using a history form is one of the best ways to improve the usefulness of the time we spend together.

So, as boring as it may seem, the purpose of the history form is to save you both time and money. Please be prepared to spend a chunk of time when completing the history form. You will get the most value from it by filling it out at least a day in advance, which will give your mind a chance to reflect on your answers. People often report that in the process they recall things they had forgotten about. You may arrive at new insights or new questions.

For the longer questions, often people prefer to use their computer to write out their responses and print that out to bring in. People often are consulting with me about one or more medical problems that can date back over years. There may be a fairly long story to tell and many important comments and details. You are welcome to bring in several pages of notes if that would be helpful.

Medical History Form PDF

It is best to print the form as 6 single-sided pages, rather than printing it double-sided.

If you would prefer, a Medical History Form can be mailed to you or sent by fax.

Information From Your Medical Records

There may be recent lab test results, medical investigations, reports from consultations with specialists, etc. that would be important to share with me. Please consider bringing copies of these to your appointment.

If you do not have copies of these that you can bring in, you have two options. One choice is that you can request copies of lab test results and other medical reports.  A growing number of people have adopted the practice of doing this routinely. For example, when you go to the medical lab, you can request a copy of the report. For anything that has already been done and is in your chart, you can ask your doctor’s office for copies to keep for your own records. I think it is a very wise practice for people to keep records and notes regarding their health and their medical history.

The other option is that you can ask your doctor’s office to forward copies of your medical documents directly to my office. This would usually be done by fax or by mail. Your doctor’s office will not send your medical information to me without your permission. If you wish, you can print out the page below, which is a Medical Release Form. When you talk to your doctor’s office,  you can take or send this form.

Consent for Release of Medical Records